Marie & Alexis

My boyfriend and I love the exercises in this program. The workouts are well explained and documented. And we can do them right at home which makes them even more awesome! Recommended for any couple who is into fitness!

Marie & Alexis San Francisco

Why are Couple Workouts so Awesome?!

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Arnaud & Amanda

We just downloaded and read through your program…WOW! Very impressed and such a great concept 🙂        We love how you incorporate music into the workouts – the Roxanne bit made us giggle! Working out until parts of the song is such a good idea! And the program is so well put together! Well done!

Arnaud & Amanda Los Angeles
Brynn & Tarek

These workouts allowed us to spend more quality time together as we both have a very busy lifestyle. We also love to travel so it’s perfect for us to be able working out from anywhere!

Brynn & Tarek New York

"Couples who workout together, stay together"