Wanna Spice Things Up In Your Relationship?

Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your workout partner?

A growing body of evidence suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together. And not just that but it also will help to increase you happiness in your relationship.

Lab studies show that after jointly participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner.

Isn’t that awesome?

It also helps with improved efficiency of workouts, better chance of achieving fitness goals and increases your emotional bond.

But our favorite of all is that it actually induces the symptoms of physiological arousal—sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. These symptoms mirror, in many ways, the thrill of romantic attraction…

For more information, here are two articles:

– Huffington Post : The perfect workout partner: why couples who sweat together stay together
– Elite daily : 25 reasons couple that work out together stays together

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