Stop Using Your Scale!

The scale is not the best tool to track your progress…

It just represents a number and that number alone is not the whole picture.

What we want to achieve is to lose fat. Not muscle. And a scale has no way of measuring your body composition (% of fat vs % of muscle).

With nutrition and workout programs, you will lose fat, but you will also gain muscle.

But 1 kg (or 1 pound) of fat and 1 kg (or 1 pound) of muscle are not the same size. If you place 1 kg of muscle on a scale and 1 kg of fat on a scale, they will both weigh 1 kg.

The difference is in total volume:

Muscle density is 1.06 g/ml and fat density is 0.9 g/ml. Therefore, one liter of muscle would weight 1.06 kg and one liter of fat would weight 0.9 kg. In other words, muscle is about 18% denser than fat!

To put it simply, two people may be the same height and weight, but the person with a higher body fat percentage will wear a larger clothing size.

That’s why we recommend you to either take pictures, or just measure your body with a tape measure to determine your waist, hip and neck circumference.

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