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I Worked Out 9 Times in the Same Outfit. Here is the Reaction of my GF when she Smelled my Clothes!

My girlfriend left for 3 weeks of modeling in LA so I didn’t care much about getting dirty and wearing the same workout clothes for the whole time she was gone…

I wore them on these dates:

  1. August 20th
  2. August 21st
  3. August 22nd
  4. August 23rd
  5. August 24th
  6. August 25th
  7. August 28th
  8. August 29th
  9. August 31th

That’s 9 days!

Here are the pictures that I took during these nine days of working out (spread out during 11 days):

And here is the video of her reaction while smelling my clothes:

That’s right! She said that my shorts weren’t smelling like anything and that my T-shirts smelled like if it was just out of the shop!

Can you believe this? Yet, I was really sweating in them!

So how is it possible?

It is because no bacteria grew on the fabric… Therefore no bad smell.

And how did I avoid growing bacteria on my clothes?

I didn’t do anything… I was just using clothes with a little bit of silver in it. The tiny dose of silver is killing every bacteria on the fabric.


According to Noble Biomaterials, the creator of this fabric:

“XT2® incorporates pure silver in a synthetic fiber during the co-extrusion process, providing permanent anti-odor protection. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver. XT2® is not a finish or treatment; therefore the silver will not wash out or wear off and lasts the life of the product.”

And here are some very interesting (and shocking) facts from Noble Biomaterials about how people are sweating and using their workout clothes:


Crazy, huh?!

30% of people wear their workout clothes three or more times before tossing them in the wash! Wow!


Sweat does NOT smell!

Wearing my clothes during these 9 days was actually not gross at all since they basically are disinfected!

If you want to use the same kind of clothes (and we recommend it for our partner workouts), you will have to look for “XT2” or “X-static” fabric.

Here are some examples that we found on Amazon:



Leave a comment below to tell us your thoughts… Gross or not?!

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